ACC Services

Absolute Clarity & Calibration Services

Absolute Clarity offers advise to our customers on equipment reliability and repair records based on our experience to help you when purchasing new equipment. Our expertise spans all makes and types of optical equipment including Comparators, Collimators, Tool scopes, Digital Readouts, Video based systems, Stereo and Flat field Microscopes, software for image analysis, measurement and data manipulation. With over 25 years cumulative experience, we have encountered many different types of optical equipment and we know them from the inside out, down to the component level.

We would like to be of assistance to you in helping you avoid those instruments that do not meet your application needs or expectations of quality and accuracy. There are some surprisingly low quality systems from the major advertisers and our customers have had nothing but problems with these.

Please do not buy optical equipment based on manufacturer's name or perceived reputation, try it out first.

Absolute Clarity provides value added services to our customers

1. Absolute Clarity can provide a loaner microscope if necessary while repairs are performed on your microscope.

2. Absolute Clarity will provide answers for your applications problems, with over 25 years of optical experience.

3. Absolute Clarity stocks commonly needed repair parts.

4. User education via on-site training is available.

5. Demo facility in Terryville, Connecticut.

6. Absolute Clarity sells Refurbished/used equipment at reasonable prices.