CMM Upgrades & Retrofits

CMM and Video Upgrades & Retrofits

Video Measurement Systems - new or retrofitted

ACC can convert your existing older equipment with state of the art optical lenses electronic stage and VisionGauge Measurement Software in order to turn your difficult to use Video CMM into a user friendly, dream of a system complete with new and much improved (over the OEM system) field of view measurement capabilities and superior 32 bit-per-pixel edge detection capabilities.

We can also convert older CMM's with a touch probe into modern Optical Non-Contact Video CMM. The product we will use for this is a 3-axis DRO measurement system (Metronics QC5300).

We will be happy to provide a quotation based on your needs.

Video Measurement Systems & Video Microscopes

VisionGauge Measurement Software (detailed description)

Absolute Clarity's Budget Busting Special with VisionGauge Measurement Software
Price range ($ 5K to 7K)

VisionGauge Measurement Software