Optical Equipment Serviced

Optical Equipment Services

On-site field service for solutions to your problems on your terms and at your facility. Most optical equipment makes and models serviced and/or repaired.

NIST Traceable Optical Calibration

Repair of optical equipment

On-site preventative maintenance of optical equipment

Microscope repair and refurbishments

Microscope re-alignment

Complete optical refurbishments "We make them look and work like new".

Services include: Mechanical Repair, Electrical Repair, LASER re-alignments, Electronic Repairs,
Preventative Maintenance, Optical calibration, equipment refurbishment and repair.

  • AccuScope
  • Acu-Gage
  • American Optical (AO)*
  • Aus Jena
  • Bausch & Lomb (B & L) *
  • Brunson
  • Cambridge Instruments *
  • Cubic Precision
  • Deltronic
  • Eickhorst
  • Flexbar *(Optiflex )
  • Fowler
  • Heidenhain
  • Hilger Watts
  • Jones & Lampson(J & L)
  • Keuffel & Esser (K & E)
  • LW Scientific
  • Lasico*
  • Leica*
  • Leitz
  • Meiji*
  • MicroVu
  • Mitutoyo
  • Moller- Wedel
  • Motic
  • National Instrument
  • Nikon
  • Olympus
  • Optical Gaging Products (OGP)
  • RAM Optical Instrumentation (ROI)
  • Scheer Tumico*
  • Southern Precision Instruments (SPI)
  • Spencer
  • Starrett
  • Swift *
  • Unitron*
  • Vision Engineering * (Dynascopes, Mantis)
  • White Instruments *
  • Wild Heerbrugg
  • Zeiss


If you do not see your manufacturer listed above, please call or e-mail Absolute Clarity the information.

Calibration and Repairs with Absolute Clarity & Calibration LLC

Many different makes and models of optical equipment are serviced by Absolute Clarity & Calibration, LLC. With a large inventory of repair parts and accessories, it is possible that we have the part or desired accessory in stock to provide prompt delivery.
There are many good reasons to use Absolute Clarity & Calibration, LLC for your microscope repairs, comparator repairs or toolscope repairs. Their knowledged staff knows how to best handle the equipment and perform the repair quickly and efficiently, getting the microscope back to the customer as quickly as possible. Not only does Absolute Clarity & Calibration, LLC specialize in the repair and refurbishment of microscopes, but also provides regular on-site preventative maintenance, cleaning and NIST traceable calibrations for measuring microscopes, tool scopes, optical comparators and Video CMM's.

Microscope alignment provides the best, non-distorted image of the object possible. This helps to ensure that one is looking at the object as clearly as possible. Properly aligned microscopes can reduce eye strain and difficulty associated with using stereo microscopes.

With Absolute Clarity & Calibration, LLC, you will SEE the difference!