Optical Repair

Optical Repair

Complete optical refurbishments "We make them look and work like new".

In addition to our expert optical services ACC adds value by providing customers:
- Loaner microscopes at no charge while repairs are performed.

Complete Mechanical repair services:

  • Rack & pinions and other focus assemblies
  • Binoculars (that are too loose or too tight)
  • Stages and motion control devices
  • Zoom and magnification controls

Electrical repair services available:

  • Lighting
  • Digital Read-outs (any make or model)
  • Encoders, linear and rotary
  • Video monitors and CCD equipment

LASER Alignments: List of services provided for Stereo zoom refurbishments

  • Stereo Zooms and turrets
  • All binocular heads (flatfield & toolscopes)

Full machine shop facility:

  • Prototypes
  • Old equipment retrofits
  • Custom lighting
  • Custom mounting
  • Custom fixtures

If you are sending your equipment to ACC for evaluation or repair please follow our detailed Packing & Shipping Instructions to ensure your equipment arrives safely.