Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse on August 21!

by Absolute Clarity

In just a little less than a month, audiences throughout the country will be able to witness a historic total solar eclipse that will pass across North America all the way from Oregon to South Carolina. Although solar eclipses are actually quite common here on Earth, it’s exceptionally rare for one to traverse the entire length of the Contiguous United States. Likewise, American astronomy enthusiasts have been gearing up for this event for months.

But in order to safely view the eclipse, you’ll need to get some protective eyewear first.

Even though the moon passes in front of the sun during a solar eclipse, it’s still dangerous to look directly toward the sun. That’s why the Space Science Institute is collaborating with public libraries all across the nation to distribute more than 2 million pairs of free eclipse glasses to people who want to view the celestial event without risking damage to their eyes. This outreach initiative is designed to make it easier for people – particularly kids – to safely watch the eclipse and nurture their interest in astronomy.

Here in Connecticut, however, there are only a handful of libraries participating in the event. Fortunately, you can purchase them right here at Absolute Clarity as well. Because we’re north of the eclipse’s path, we’ll only be able to see a partial solar eclipse, but it will still be an event to remember. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even travel west or south to catch the total eclipse in its prime!

Looking for a pair of eclipse glasses so you’ll be ready on August 21? Give us a call to purchase yours from Absolute Clarity today!


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