Using a Microscope for Engraving Work

by Absolute Clarity

Meiji EMZ

A quality stereo microscope makes it much easier to see whatever you’re working on, and that’s especially true with engraving work. Eye strain and fatigue are common for engravers, especially when working without a microscope or with one that offers inferior magnification. Fortunately we offer high-quality stereo microscopes that can help make engraving work easier than ever.


It is essential to start with a high-quality microscope. There are plenty of cheap microscopes available, but as with most things, you get what you pay for with microscopes, and an inferior microscope will only result in inferior results, added frustration and wasted money for the engraver. Bright and clear optics can only be found in quality instruments.

Meiji Techno has been an industry standard for decades because their microscopes offer outstanding performance and reliability at a reasonable price. In fact, every Meiji microscope is carefully and thoroughly inspected before it even leaves the factory. Meiji’s EMZ Series has incredibly high-quality optics balances with versatility and affordability.


Meiji also offers some of the best values on stands, and at Absolute Clarify & Calibration, we now carry Meiji’s new FA-5 Triple Joint Table Mount Stand. Ideal for engravers, this stand is equipped with an 84.5 millimeter holder, and fits Meiji’s EMZ, EMT and EMF bodies. The FA-5 stand can also be mounted to any bench.

The Meiji FA-5 stand pairs nicely with a Meiji EMZ series microscope. Offering 10x SWF eyepieces and a 0.5x supplementary lens, this can create a perfect setup for your engraving business. This combination of stand and scope provides a total magnification of 3.5x to 22.5x, a field of view between 65.7 and 10.2 millimeters, and a working distance of 148 millimeters.

Absolute Clarity & Calibration LLC has been providing exceptional sales, service and support for our customers since 1991. We make it a point to provide the highest quality of equipment and fast, reliable service and repair work for each of our customers. To learn more about microscopes and stands that can improve your engraving business or discuss your specific needs with us, call Absolute Clarity & Calibration today at 860-583-0502.


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