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ACC is proud to represent:

Heidenhain Digital Readouts (DRO)

Recognized as the industry standard in Digital Readouts. Heindenhain offers simple counters to complex PC based measurement readouts. Segmented and full linear error compensations are available in a variety of products to suit every need on almost any piece of optical measurement equipment.

Heidenhain ND 100 and ND 200

ND 100 Series DRO
Flexible, compact and precise DROs for 1- to 4-axis measuring instruments. Ideal for measuring angular or linear dimensions. Can be used with inspection tools including optical comparators, measuring microscopes and coordinate measurement machines.

ND 200 Series DRO

Heidenhain original digital readouts with a fresh new interface and sleek design. A time-saving measurement tool with patented Measure Magic TM technology. Ideal for measuring 2D features. Can be used with inspection tools such as optical comparators, measuring microscopes and coordinate measurement machines.

Meiji Techno

For unparalleled image quality on an inspection station - look no further than Meiji. Meiji offers a wide range of stereoscopic inspection stations and laboratory quality research microscopes. We at ACC have been involved in the Meiji line of microscopes for many years and have never seen an unsatisfied customer. Meiji’s quality vs. value places them at the apex of the satisfaction scale.

EMZ Series - Stereo zoom microscope with 0.7x to 4.5x zoom range.

RZ Series - A modular Parallel Optics stereo microscope which means you can build a system to meet your needs and budget. The heart of the system is the RZ-B zoom stereo body with a double iris diaphragm and a 1:10 zoom range. With 10x eyepieces and a 1x objective - total magnification range is 7.5x to 75x. Add your choice of objectives, viewing heads, eyepieces, stand and a host of other accessories and you can create instruments for a wide variety of specialized applications.

GEM Series Stereo Microscopes for the professional Jeweler/Gemologist

-- Superb Optics, Rugged Dependability, Ergonomic design

The GEM Series of professional gemological microscopes are based on Meiji Techno EM Series stereo microscope bodies. These gem stereoscopes have earned Meiji Techno a great reputation for excellent optics, rugged dependability, versatility, and economy that no other manufacturer can match. Choose from zoom bodies or turret bodies mounted on a full-sized gem stand that offers powerful darkfield transmitted illumination suitable for photomicrography. Systems are equipped with a 2-stage fluorescent incident illuminator useful for viewing inclusions. All models are available in either 115V or 220/240V. All GEM Series microscopes come with dust covers, and rubber eye shields.

TechniQuip's line of lighting solutions


There is no more important component to add to any inspection or measurement device than the correct illumination system. After all, if you can not correctly see what it is you wish to inspect, even the most expensive system is only so many lenses, bolts and castings. We believe TechniQuip illuminators are the finest in the marketplace today and they are made in the USA.

Featured products:

FOI-150 150w Halogen light source

LED-40 40 LED ring light w/quadrant controls

LED-80 80 LED ring light w/quadrant controls

TLC-9 Fluorescent ring light

DGN-24 24 inch Dual fiber optic light pipes

AN-36 Fiber optic ring light w/36 inch cable

NEW Product -- ProLux LED light source - Spec sheet

VisionX Inc.

VisionGauge by VISIONx
Your field of view measurements have never been simpler or more accurate than with VisionGauge. Sub pixel edge detection eliminates operator error and can be used to capture, manipulate, analyze, store and output images. VisionGauge uses a Windows based operating system and provides a built-in report generator which allows you easily produce illustrated reports incorporating measured data, images and calculations. The package is available with tailor made reporting for an additional fee. Let VisionGauge work for you!