Educational Microscopes

Absolute Clarity & Calibration, LLC is pleased to introduce Meiji Techno’s new rechargeable/LED model stereo microscope and light microscope products for education. Model styles include stereo turret, stereo zoom and built-in CMOS camera; as well as monocular, binocular and CMOS digital microscopes.

Enhance and maximize your students’ learning experience. Easy to use, set-up and carry, these stereo microscope solutions allow you to spend more time teaching and less time training. With superb optical quality and crisp LED illumination, these systems provide long-lasting, high quality tools for an interactive and productive educational product.

These plug-and-play microscopes for students are used in classrooms around the world. In life science subjects such as biology, histology, zoology, or anatomy as well as in earth sciences, materials sciences, or forensics education, they feed inquiring minds of beginners, explorers, and experts alike.