66mm diameter 40 LED ring light w/Quadrant Control

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Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made TechniQuip an industry leader in microscopy ring lights, the LED 40 delivers powerful, microscope-quality white light from a precision LED array.

Our highly-engineered LED array contains forty high-brightness white LED’s. The array is divided into four segments of ten LED’s each. Machined from a block of aluminum alloy 6061 T6, Techniquip’s LED 40 offers superior mass for optimal thermal management of the LED array. The result is outstanding optical performance in a rugged, attractive package.

Our advanced LED controller allows for each segment to be turned on or off individually. This key feature offers flexible performance in a rugged, compact ring light. Adding to its impressive list of features, the LED 40 comes standard with a universal power source for worldwide operation.

Manufactured in TechniQuip’s own Pleasanton, California factory, the LED 40 is backed by the great service and warranty that have made TechniQuip the first choice for OEM’s, laboratories, and other “mission critical” applications.

LED-40 (DS.LED.40.pdf, 160 Kb) [Download]