Meiji Techno

Meiji Techno


For unparalleled image quality on an inspection station - look no further than Meiji. Meiji offers a wide range of stereoscopic inspection stations and laboratory quality research microscopes. We at ACC have been involved in the Meiji line of microscopes for many years and have never seen an unsatisfied customer. Meiji’s quality vs. value places them at the apex of the satisfaction scale.


Since 1964 Meiji Techno has been a staple in schools, labs and industrial manufacturing facilities. They back their products with a generous warranties and a lifetime of customer service. They have the most rigorous quality control measures in the microscope industry. It is not good enough until they’ve proved it. This is why every microscope is inspected thoroughly before it leaves the factory in Saitama, Japan to ensure that only perfection arrives in your laboratory bench, educational institution or manufacturing facility.


A Meiji Techno Microscope will always perform well above the rest. Each Microscope system is solid, sturdy and carefully engineered in Japan. They’ve spent endless hours perfecting their Microscope systems. Meiji's unique designs allows for an ergonomic modular system to be customized based on our customers specialized applications.

Product overview:

EM Series : EMZ (Zoom), EMF (Fixed), EMT (Turret) -
The EM Series microscopes are the most rugged microscopes from Japan and tailored to fit the need of each and every customer. Modular design enables the user to engineer their own custom solution for virtually any application, selecting components from the widest range bodies, stands, eyepieces, supplementary lenses, illuminators, camera adapters, and accessory components. The all-metal aluminum alloy microscope body features a compact lightweight design, adjustment diopter tube and interpupillary distance adjustment.

RZ Series - A modular Parallel Optics stereo microscope which means you can build a system to meet your needs and budget. The heart of the system is the RZ-B zoom stereo body with a double iris diaphragm and a 1:10 zoom range. With 10x eyepieces and a 1x objective - total magnification range is 7.5x to 75x. Add your choice of objectives, viewing heads, eyepieces, standa and a host of other accessories and you can create instruments for a wide variety of specialized applications.

GEM Series Stereo Microscopes for the professional Jeweler/Gemologist

-- Superb Optics, Rugged Dependability, Ergonomic design

The GEM Series of professional gemological microscopes are based on Meiji Techno EM Series stereo microscope bodies. These gem stereoscopes have earned Meiji Techno a great reputation for excellent optics, rugged dependability, versatility, and economy that no other manufacturer can match. Choose from zoom bodies or turret bodies mounted on a full-sized gem stand that offers powerful darkfield transmitted illumination suitable for photomicrography. Systems are equipped with a 2-stage fluorescent incident illuminator useful for viewing inclusions. All models are available in either 115V or 220/240V. All GEM Series microscopes come with dust covers, and rubber eye shields.