Mineral Collectors

Mineral Collectors

Determining your needs:

What do you want to be able to see with the microscope? Size & type of specimens
What do you want to be able to do with the microscope in 3-5 years?
Are you interested in photography?
What is your price range?


Magnification can be achieved in several different "layers" of lenses. Eyepieces, objectives and supplementary lenses

ACC recommends 10x or 15x eyepieces
1. Always multiply your zoom objective number by your eyepiece magnification for total magnification.
2. If you have a supplementary lens, then multiply the total magnification by the supplementary lens value for your final magnification.

On a Meiji stereo zoom with a .7x - 4.5x zoom range
- 10x eyepieces would give you 7x to 45x total magnification.
- 15x eyepieces would give you 10.5x to 67.5x total magnification.

On a turret scope with 1x/3x turret and 10x eyepieces -- total magnification is 10x or 30x

2x/4x turret and 10x eyepieces -- total magnification is 20x or 40x

To increase your magnification further ACC recommends supplementary lenses which attach to the bottom of the scope body.
(Beware supplementary lens will affect your working distance under the scope and the depth of field.)

A 1.5x supplementary lens would increase your magnification another 50% -- 15x eyepieces, 1.5x lens -- 15.75x to 78.75x

Please call us at 860-583-0502 for a detailed explanation.

Click here to see "Wulfenite" at difference magnifications.
Click here to see "Bugs in Amber" at difference magnifications.


Lighting is essential to all microscope viewing needs. It is usually very specific to the scope and application. A ring light is the optimum solution for most general applications. Fluorescent ring lights are the most cost effective on the market today.

Fiber optic light guides powered by Halogen illuminators are very versatile but costly. Halogen lighting is a must for photography.
Options for Fiber optics include Polarized lighting, single and double spot (Fiber optic guides) lighting, substage lighting, flood lighting, diffused and colored lighting.

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