Absolute Clarity & Calibration LLC provides a robust selection of used and new optical equipment and refurbished microscopes for use in a wide range of industries. With more than 25 years of experience in the sales, service and repair of optical equipment, our experts have the skills and expertise to find the exact model you are looking for or bring your current equipment back to full operation. We provide comprehensive and personal sales and service expertise to help you find the right equipment for your needs, and on-site technical service for a long list of optical equipment repairs.

We work with businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools, municipal groups and individual customers. Whether you’re a personal equipment buyer, a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical developer or manufacturing companies or are shopping for a small school district, nonprofit agency, engraver or jeweler, forensic analyst, we can help customers large and small find what they need.

If your microscope requires inspection to ensure it is operating at its highest level, our experts will carefully assess your equipment and find any problems. This is especially useful for microscopes and other optical equipment used in forensics or pharmaceutical research and development, where lives may be on the line and a small misalignment can make a big difference. Our experts know what to look for in each instrument, and how to gauge whether it is performing at optimal levels. If your instruments are not performing properly, we can also make adjustments on the spot or provide repair work at our Terryville, Connecticut headquarters.

We can also perform routine maintenance and adjustments to make sure that your equipment is working as well as possible. For example, if you notice that your microscope is often out of alignment, the view is fuzzy or dark, or making adjustments is difficult, a replacement part may fix these problems. We can identify any faulty mechanisms or perform a thorough cleaning to bring your optical equipment back to full working order without upsetting any of the delicate components.

Our experts also provide NIST-traceable calibration for this sensitive equipment, covering all types of repairs, optical service and preventative maintenance to keep your microscopes working properly. If your microscope requires extensive repairs or replacement parts, we can order replacement or OEM parts to restore your microscope to its original condition. This is especially useful if the microscope has been dropped, if electrical damages have occurred or it was involved in another accident. You often do not need to replace your microscope completely if these incidents occur – simply contact us, send your microscope in and find out if we can make repairs to your damaged equipment.

We also provide new and refurbished microscopes and other optical equipment for all applications, whether you require hyper-sensitive adjustments and powerful magnifications for scientific experiments or research and development or you simply need to take a clear, close look at the objects you are working with every day, such as gems, collectibles, jewelry or antiques. We also provide new and refurbished hobby microscopes for those who are just beginning to study microorganisms, algae, small insects and other tiny creatures or particles – perfect for amateur scientists, homeschoolers or hobbyists. Microscopes are a great way to foster an interest in science and develop curiosity in children, and we also work with schools to provide microscopes at affordable prices, building interest in science early on and showing children how to use these essential tools.

In addition to microscope sales and service, we also provide a selection of replacement parts, including bulbs, covers, stage plates and more, as well as helpful instruction to assist you in using your new equipment. Our slogan is “Educating the user is half of our job” and we take this very seriously. Whether you are a scientist with years of experience using delicate equipment or you are a schoolteacher or parent who will be instructing kids, we will explain any detail about your microscope from Absolute Clarity & Calibration that is unclear. This not only helps you to get the most out of your investment and use every capability the microscope has to offer, but can also help extend the life of your equipment by showing our clients simple preventative maintenance and upkeep techniques. Our on-site technicians also assist in the proper set-up of the equipment and advise you about any conditions or activities that could damage the microscope.

We are proud of our reputation as a reliable provider of microscopes and optical equipment, as well as a trusted source for maintenance and repair needs. Every member of our staff works with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, so you receive the products and services you need in a fast and efficient manner. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about any device, and help you find the right fit for your needs. We also take great pride in the quality of our products, and we inspect each new and refurbished microscope to ensure every component works properly before it reaches you.

Our goal to provide everything you need to find the right microscope and keep it working properly. Let the friendly, knowledgeable professionals at Absolute Clarity & Calibration help you find the perfect equipment. Shop our inventory online now or call us today at 860-583-0502 for help or answers to your questions.

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