Absolute Clarity & Calibration, LLC specializes in sales, service, repair and NIST traceable optical calibration of new, used and refurbished optical equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, our clients rely on us for all of their optical equipment needs. Absolute Clarity provides on-site service to a wide variety of optical equipment for quality control professionals in the manufacturing industry as well as scientists in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Whether our clients require microscopes for inspection or for research and development, our vast experience shines through as we provide quality equipment and top notch service and repair for a myriad of industries. Gemologists, engravers, forensic analyzers, and collectors find great satisfaction in our optical equipment.

Our services include cleaning, NIST Traceable calibration, repair, optical service, and preventative maintenance. Absolute Clarity offers on-site service as well as complete optical and/or mechanical refurbishments performed at our facility to return your equipment to its original condition.

Customer satisfaction is a priority at our company. Operating under the slogan “Educating the user is half of our job,” our on-site technicians do their best to ensure every client understands how their equipment works, proper set-up and common potential problems to their optical equipment.

Absolute Clarity is proud to be a trusted provider of optical equipment and microscopes to industry as well as hobbyists, home educators, and schools. Our new, used and refurbished optical equipment includes stereo, high-power flat field and gemological microscopes, as well as video measurement systems.

Quality is priority to the veteran staff at Absolute Clarity. Our experts research each piece of optical equipment for sale, selecting equipment only of the highest quality and value. Aside from the equipment itself, we carry everything from simple components, like bulbs, to complex upgrade kits for CMM microscopes.

"An Optical Instrument Sales, Service, Optical Instrument
Repair and NIST Traceable Calibration Company"