Microscope Repair Service

Microscope Repair Service

Absolute Clarity’s optical refurbishments includes: Decontamination, Parfocality and Alignment

"We make them look and work like new".

A lack of regular and proper maintenance will lead to the need for microscope repair. The internal lubricants aromatic components evaporate and begin the internal contamination process. Once a film of sticky contamination has coated the internal optics dirt can stick to the film making the images dull and hazy. As the lubricants dry out you may notice that the zoom knob is hard to turn or the optics may chatter when zooming up or down. The next stage is complete lock up of the zoom mechanism. This lubricant problem also affects rack & pinion focus assemblies.

Other common microscope problems include optical misalignment or parfocality issues. Absolute Clarity’s knowledgeable staff has extensive experience in microscope repair and refurbishments including microscope realignment and decontaminations. We know microscopes inside and out, down to the component level. See our Common Microscope Problems blog for more information.

Complete Mechanical repair services:

  • Rack & pinions and other focus assemblies
  • Binoculars (that are too loose or too tight)
  • Stages and motion control devices
  • Zoom and magnification controls

Electrical repair services available:

  • Lighting
  • Digital Read-outs (any make or model)
  • Encoders, linear and rotary
  • Video monitors and CCD equipment

LASER Alignments: (List of services provided for Stereo zoom refurbishments)

  • Stereo Zooms and turrets
  • All binocular heads (flatfield & toolscopes)

Full machine shop facility:

  • Old equipment retrofits
  • Custom lighting
  • Custom mounting
  • Custom fixtures

In addition to our expert optical services ACC adds value by providing customers:
- Loaner microscopes at no charge while repairs are performed.

If you are sending your equipment to ACC for evaluation or repair please follow our detailed Packing & Shipping Instructions to ensure your equipment arrives safely.