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When purchasing a microscope it is important that you know what type of microscope you are looking for.

Below we have listed the differences between Flat field Microscopes and Stereo Microscopes so you can determine which will best fit your needs. If you have magnification or lighting questions click here.

Flatfield Microscopes

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•This type of scope uses a single objective lens to look straight down on a specimen. It may use a single eyepiece or binocular viewer but still only has a single optical path.

•The focus Depth of Field is extremely limited to very flat specimens. This makes the flat field scope virtually useless for anything except biological applications.

•The only real advantage to the flat field scope is in its very high resolution and magnification capabilities.

• This scope is also known as a Compound microscope. A typical flat field looks like the instrument shown below.

Stereo and Stereo Zoom

Refurbished B & L SZ microscope (photo)

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•This type of scope utilizes two separate optical paths.

•This is to say that there is a separate “microscope” for each eye. These are inclined at a six degree angle towards each other so that the user can see a portion of the sides of the specimen as well as the top.

•This separation of views allows us to perceive depth and see in true 3D, unlike with the flat field.

•Stereo microscopes come in many different forms. Below is a common high quality stereo microscope. For the best and worst of this breed, please refer to our “Stereo Microscopes to Buy and to Avoid” publication.

Absolute Clarity & Calibration is proud to offer a "new" line of import microscopes that offer high quality, durable cost effective systems to fill your requirements whether you are looking for a flat field or a stereo microscope. ACC has several models for demonstration at our Terryville, Connecticut facility (directions).