Stereo Microscopes to Buy and to Avoid

Stereo Microscopes to Buy and to Avoid

Absolute Clarity & Calibration, LLC is in the business of optical sales, service, repair, refurbish and calibration. We service and repair all makes and models from the early 1900’s to present day production. ACC is qualified to judge the quality of a microscope because we know them from the inside out!
When we refurbish a stereo microscope, the optics are removed, all mechanical assemblies are vapor phase degreased, optics cleaned and reassembled, mechanical assemblies are re-lubricated with synthetics and the scope is stereoscopically realigned. We can help you choose or avoid scopes based on our extensive service and repair experience. Before purchasing a used scope, be sure to use our diagnostic procedures for evaluation.

In our opinion -- Buy them if you can! (used or new)
¨ Buy – Genuine Meiji new or old EMZ series, EMT series and EMX series. Be careful of "look a likes" all genuine Meiji models will have the Meiji name and symbol on them.
¨ Buy - B & L (Bausch & Lomb), Cambridge Instruments, American Optical (AO) or AO Spencer & Leica older models Stereo1, Stereo2, SZ-3, SZ-4, SZ-5, SZ-7. These can almost always be refurbished to like new condition. But be advised that parts are no longer available for AO.
¨ Buy - Nikon older models SMZ-1, SMZ-1B, SMZ-2, SMZ-2B, SMZ-2T, SMZ-10, SMZ-U
¨ Buy - Genuine Olympus microscopes. Be careful of look a likes - genuine Olympus microscopes will have the Olympus name on them and use genuine Olympus GSWH10x/22 eyepieces.
¨ Buy - any genuine Zeiss (not the Fisher Price toy looking one), Leitz, Wild (not the tan model) or Aus Jena scopes if they are reasonably priced and the controls move smoothly.
¨ Buy - Unitron ZSB (not LSB model).
¨ Buy - Swift especially the newer zoom and turret models.
REMEMBER --- Before purchasing a used scope, be sure to use our diagnostic procedures for evaluation.

A good used scope is better than a mediocre new one!!

If a microscope is not specifically listed above on the above BUY list it should be considered as one to avoid. Please understand that our aim is to educate and inform the end users of optical equipment. An educated shopper will not be an easy mark for the dealers of fancy junk with a lot of bells and whistles or non-refurbished used equipment with potential problems. Our expert advice is always free of charge. Call 860-583-0502 if you have questions.

Avoid scopes without a representative who will back their product personally unless you get a real good deal on an auction table. Always check these scopes using ACC’s diagnostic procedures to evaluate before purchasing.

We encourage people to learn for themselves how microscopes work and how to determine if their scope has internal problems from the start. We provide this information on the back of our informational brochure which is available free of charge.

We encourage pre-scheduling for demonstrations and educational sessions. Please call ahead of time to make sure that we are not on the road performing field service or scheduled fully in the lab.

Let us help you (if you are confused)